Knowledge Hub

Our knowledge hub focuses on creating new knowledge, as well as signposting London school leaders to useful and relevant information and research.

In this way, we help ensure the work of London schools is evidence-based and informed by the latest research into what works in practice.

London learners,
London lives report

This report, published in June 2022, outlines what we know from existing literature about disadvantage and how it affects London schools.

London Leaders,
Beyond The Classroom

This report, published in January 2023, examines the ways in which London schools respond to the unique opportunities and challenges that exist in their local settings, with a focus on the transformational impact of contextresponsive school leadership.

London Leaders,
Beyond The Pandemic

This report, published in July 2023, explores how schools have responded to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighting the innovative strategies they have employed and the contributions they are making to the creation of a more inclusive, responsive and resilient school system.