Our Story

In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of headteachers and trust leaders came together to form Reconnect London. The aim was to support headteachers with the many immediate issues they were facing at that time, by drawing on the collective expertise of the group.

Many of the school leaders involved with Reconnect London were experienced headteachers who were already contributing to system leadership. A key initial focus was to use their expertise to help other schools to improve the attendance and engagement of children and young people during the pandemic.

Since that time, the organisation has evolved to have a broader focus on the key challenges facing London schools and the need for innovative approaches to meet these challenges.


Our network brings together school leaders from across London, who are working towards the common goal of ensuring disadvantaged and vulnerable young Londoners can achieve their full potential within our education system.


We believe that we can achieve more by working together. Schools within our network are committed to working collaboratively to support each other, and to forging positive connections with young people, their families and the communities they serve


The work of our network helps ensure that disadvantaged and vulnerable young Londoners have the support they need to re-engage with learning, participate in school life and experience a sense of wellbeing.